Bearings Make the World Go Round

They say money makes the world go round, but it could not do so without bearings! If you think about the modern world and all that is going on in it, bearings form an integral part of almost everything; whether it is an office chair or an aeroplane, it needs bearings to function correctly. The function of a bearing is to reduce friction between moving parts and ensure that the components stay in place and do what they are designed to do. Whether that is to turn, tilt, rotate, slide, or twist – a bearing is usually involved in the process.

Let Us Talk About the Types of Loads

There are three types of loads typically experienced in most applications where bearings are used:

  • The bearings required for radial loads must ensure that spinning items stay in place while they are spinning. You might have noticed these on the wheels of a skateboard.
  • The bearings required to handle thrust loads must ensure that a round object stays in position and keep spinning while thrust is applied.
  • Tapered rollers are quite special, as they are designed to handle forces from any direction.

Specialised Types of Bearings

With so many industries requiring bearings, you will find that there are many specialised bearings on the market. Take for example radial ball bearings. These are very common and consist of two metal races that are separated by small metal balls. They are quite different from linear bearings, which allow smooth, linear motion while restricting radial motion. Another specialised bearing is the automotive wheel bearing. This allows for both axial and radial forces to be resisted, which means that they are typically taper-roller bearings by design. The last bearings on our list are pillow-block bearings. These bearings are radial load-bearing Bearings that are affixed to the surface parallel to the axis of rotation and are usually encased in a housing. These are just a few of the many types of bearings available.

Talk to the Bearing Specialists to Get the Right Bearings for Your Specific Applications

Do you know what type of bearing you need for your particular application in your industry? At Technoslide, we specialise in the design and development of custom-made bearings. If you have a specific bearing in mind for your application, we are confident that we can supply it. Whether it is a new design or existing product, chat with us to see if we can assist you. You can get in touch with us via email or telephone for further assistance and advice.