White Metal Bearings

Looking for High-quality White Metal Bearings?

Do you find yourself in need of bearings for your brand of machinery?  Do you battle to find bearings that are reliable, durable and long lasting?  We can help!  We understand that the bearings you use have to be good quality, and the breakage of bearings does not only slow down your project or production, but also costs money in downtime and repairs.  For this reason, we recommend that you purchase your bearings from us. 

At Technoslide, we have been in the business of producing and supplying a wide range of quality bearings, and strive to sustain a reputation as specialists in the industry.  Our range of bearings include plain bearings and white metal bearings, and we are also able to repair and refurbish just about any type of bearing for a variety of applications that deal with the use of rotating plants, all kinds of electric motors, fuel driven engines, fans, turbines and rotating plants.  Our bearings are used in a wide range of industries that includes hydraulics, food and beverage, materials handling, construction, green energy, and agriculture.  We also provide bearings for a wide range of automotive applications.

Our outstanding range of quality products includes bronze wrapped components, filament products and plastic compound components, as well as the very reliable CSB 650 line.  We have the expertise to produce standard bearings, and we can also design and manufacture custom white metal bearings tailored to the needs of your operation.

Our client service team is excellent, and our friendly service and effective bearings speak for themselves.  In addition to our superb products and above average customer service, we also have an emergency repair team on standby which is specifically used for customer emergencies, and this clever team will be able to repair or refurbish just about any valve in twenty-four hours.  Smaller bearings are usually dealt with on your site, while the larger bearings can take a little longer.

At Technoslide, we are proud of what we do, and our trustworthy and friendly team is passionate about our business.  We understand how important good quality bearings can be to your operation, and we know how great quality, superior service and cost-effective pricing can make your life easier.  For great advice and the provision of just about any type of bearing, including white metal bearings, contact our team today.  We can also specifically design bearings for your particular business needs.  We look forward to partnering with you!