Need a Custom-made Bearing? Technoslide Can Do It!

Do you have a particular piece of machinery that needs a custom-made bearing?  It could be difficult to locate a supplier that delivers quality, as well as innovation, when it comes to tailoring bearings for your machinery!  But we can help! 

At Technoslide, we can design and produce the bearing that you need, and we can manufacture this as a once off or we can produce batches of bearings made from different materials, and in a variety of sizes according to your specifications.  We are also able to effectively repair and refurbish bearings of any type and size.  Our emergency team is always on standby and they can repair most bearings within a period of 24 hours, in order to ensure that the disruption to your operational flow is kept to a minimum.  It is very important to identify a faulty bearing and have it repaired or replaced as soon as possible, to avoid damage to other components of your machinery, and our team can help you with this!

We have an extensive range of bearings – we manufacture bearings for a wide variety of applications for various industries, including maritime, automotive, leisure, construction, materials handling and the hydraulics industries.  We make bearings from a variety of materials, including Teflon, white metal, bronze wrapping, bi-metallic components, metal polymer and plastic compounds.  We manufacture and supply foot bridge bearings, pipeline bearings, strip bearings, plain sliding bearings and many more, in all shapes and sizes.  Our white metal and plain metal bearings are usually utilised by the mining industry and those working with turbines, electric and marine engines, as well as the rolling mill industry.

About Technoslide

We are extremely proud of our good track record and we aim to manufacture and supply high-quality bearings and exceptional customer service to our clients.  We are serious about developing our staff, and our teams receive regular training to ensure that they are always on top of modern technologies and developments that can drive our business forward.  We have been operating for around 35 years and we have been the supplier of superior bearings to many clients throughout South Africa and our neighbouring countries.  Our well-trained and qualified emergency team is on standby around the clock to repair or replace your faulty bearings, and we pride ourselves on our ability to do so safely and quickly.

If you want to know more about our services and the outstanding products that we provide, please contact our team of knowledgeable consultants who will always be happy to help.  We can make just about any bearing that you would need in any quantity – just give us a call for a quote!