White Metal Bearings

Try Technoslide for Durable, High-quality White Metal Bearings

Looking for high-quality white metal bearings? Are you constantly disappointed with the lifespan of your bearings and struggle to get them fixed or replaced?  At Technoslide, we have over three decades of experience and have been providing clients in a wide range of industries with quality white metal and other bearings on a regular basis. 

When it comes to new technologies and innovation, we constantly find ourselves at the forefront of new developments in the field and as a result, our products are of high quality, long lasting, robust and reliable.  Our many satisfied customers have a wide variety of requirements for their particular operations and our aim is to provide them with what they need in a cost-effective, efficient and effective manner to help them reach their operational targets and add value to their businesses.

Our very well-educated and qualified workforce can provide you with any type of bearing you need.  Our product lines include white metal bearings, plain bearings, Teflon coated bearings and many others.  We can manufacture bearings ranging between 25mm to 1 800 with ease, and these are used in industries that include mining, hydraulics, food and beverage, green energy, agriculture, construction and many others.  Their applications include gearboxes, fans, electric motors, turbines, engines, compressors, pumps and just about any rotating plant application.  We can design and produce once-off products, as well as batches, as required by our clients.  We design our products according to our own or the client’s requirements, and we always welcome new ideas.

In addition to our high-quality product range, we also offer a refurbishing service to keep our customers’ bearings in good condition.  We understand that your operation cannot stand still due to a faulty bearing, and as a result, we strive to keep our turnaround times as swift as possible.  In an industry where high performance is only one of the demands, we pride ourselves on our performance and speed when it comes to repairs.  We refuse to compromise on our high service standards, quality product lines and rigid testing procedures. Our ISO 9001 accreditation ensures that we apply quality measures as specified, in order to maintain high standards in performance and quality.

Our breakdown service is always at your service, and our emergency repair teams are highly efficient with very short turnaround times to keep your business operating as effectively as possible.  Our turnaround times vary from less than 24 hours and up to 72 hours, depending on the size and type of the bearing.  For any advice or information about our white metal bearing product lines and excellent service, contact our friendly team today!