Sleeve Bearings

Top-quality Sleeve Bearings Available at Technoslide

When looking for sleeve bearings on the market, you will find that there is a demand for top-quality units to be supplied to the market. Not all suppliers of sleeve bearings in South Africa have a product that offers suitable quality, and so it is important to choose your supplier wisely. At Technoslide, we have realised the demand for better quality sleeve bearings and have stepped up to the plate.

You might encounter sleeve bearings on a daily basis, without even knowing it, as they are used in appliances and items of equipment such as automobiles, fans and office machinery. This means that these particular bearings are important to everyday life, and it is important for suppliers and manufacturers to keep healthy stock levels.

For those who don’t already know, a sleeve bearing is part of the cylindrical ball bearing family. Inside the bearing, you will find a single internal rotating cylinder and the bearing is manufactured from compressed powdered metals – usually bronze or copper. While sleeve bearings are considered to be self-lubricating, additional oil must often be applied to ensure smooth functioning. Oil must be applied to the exterior surface of the bearing, in order to lubricate it, as the material used to manufacture the unit is microscopically porous.

Sleeve bearings, while durable, can also present wear and tear, and it is imperative to check them regularly to ensure that their shape is still intact and that they are functioning correctly and safely at all times.  At Technoslide, we can supply you with these bearings and also assist with replacements, repairs and refurbishments. With our quick and efficient services, your plant will experience as little downtime as possible, while we work to get the system working to its full potential once more. At Technoslide, we design and develop an array of bearings for the market, and wish only to ensure that our clients benefit from our precision work and efficiency in all departments.

If you are shopping around for sleeve bearings on the South African market, take the time to discover our range at Technoslide. At Technoslide, we can provide you with access to an existing range or assist you with designing and developing sleeve bearings that are suited to your specific situation and applications. We encourage you to get in touch with us via email or telephone to discuss your needs, intended applications and your available budget today.