Bridge Bearing Design

Foot Bridge Bearing Design – Why it’s Important!

For 35 years now, Technoslide has been a household name when it comes to manufacturing top-quality white metal bearings. With our exceptional bearing design capabilities, we have created a variety of bearings to be used in many different applications. Our bearings are used with great success in industries such as the mining, civil, marine and structural industries. What is the function of such a bearing? Bearings are a much needed component in electric motors, pumps, fans, turbines, generators and more. As industries grow, so does the demand for white metal bearings.

You can find just about any sized bearing at Technoslide, with any sized bore measurement too. We can manufacture anything with bore measurements of between 25mm and 1 800mm. When dealing with your order, you can expect for us to be quick, accurate and efficient in both the design and manufacturing process. Of course, new designs are not our only focus! We also refurbish worn out and old bearings to restore them to their original functionality. We also guarantee our workmanship with confidence.

Our Technoslide team also offers reliable repair services. Damaged or worm out bearings can cause serious downtime for a plant, which in the end, results in major financial losses. With our assistance, you can expect prompt and efficient emergency repair services. Any bearings that need to be repaired and replaced will be done so with an impressive turnaround time. Your plant will be fully operational in as short a time span as possible.

At Technoslide, you will certainly not receive a slack service. Our well-trained and experienced technicians and team members will ensure that you are provided with a wealth of product related advice and guidance when trying to select the right bearings for your particular application. We consider no order too big or too small, and we deal effectively with once-off and repeat orders. You can opt to purchase bearings from our existing range of have your own custom designed and manufactured according to your requirements. We also welcome last-minute orders that we will do our best to fulfil.

With our Technoslide team by your side, you can expect to be provided with access to a wide range of white metal bearings to choose from. Our after-sales services and support will also impress. We welcome you to get in touch with us to learn more about our product range and services. Send us an email or give us a call for more information and advice today.