Self Lubricating Bearings

Why Self Lubricating Bearings are Useful and How

Bearings play an important role in several industries and when shopping around for the right one, you will discover that there are 3 main classes of bearings available on the market as follows:

  • Class 1 bearings – these require a lubricant to be applied to them.
  • Class 2 bearings – these bearings contain lubricant within the walls of the bearing, but will still require an external lubricant to function properly.
  • Class 3 bearings – these are self lubricating bearings that require no external lubrication at all. The lubrication used in self lubricating bearings is usually powdered graphite.

The material that a self lubricating bearing is manufactured from will determine just how effectively it can function in various conditions. At Technoslide, we stock a version of self lubricating bearings called Sintered bearings. These are available as composite bearings, which you will find competitively priced at Technoslide.

The bearings that we supply to the market are designed with the best technology and absolute precision. We will ensure that your bearings are able to work in the precise application that you had in mind for them. Our product range is readily presented to, and used in, the marine, mining, petrochemical, steel, civil, iron and materials handling industries. Why are self lubricating bearings so popular for use in machinery and equipment in these industries? The fact that these bearings require no lubrication means that there is a reduction in operating costs and automatically the machinery requires less in terms of maintenance and downtime.  These bearings handle friction exceptionally well and certainly perform well when it comes to resistance performance. When it comes to friction, self lubricating bearings handle it well and offer great resistance performance.

Bearings that require no lubrication are quick to respond and don’t compromise on efficiency – this means that mechanical accuracy is quite simple to achieve. Such bearings also ensure reduced operation noise and reduced vibrations from the machinery.

At Technoslide, we ensure that each and every product on our shelves is able to meet with stringent ISO standards. We believe that product quality and durability are of the utmost importance, and if you are looking for the best range of bearings on the market, you will find it right here at Technoslide.

If you would like to learn more about our range of self lubricating bearings, take the time to get in touch with us at Technoslide. We will ensure that you are presented with a range of affordable bearings that are perfectly suited to your needs and requirements.