Tilting Pad Bearings

Custom Designed and Manufactured Tilting Pad Bearings from Technoslide

Tilting pad bearings certainly have their place in industry. In fact, these particular bearings are used in heavy machinery and applications including the likes of submarine propeller shafts, turbines and generators. The use of tilting pad bearings in the marine industry dates back as far as 1913; which in itself is quite impressive.

These bearings have a unique design and function. When used, the bearing rotates and carries fresh oil or lubrication to the pad area. The pressure of the fluid thus causes the pad to tilt, which creates pressure between the other weight bearing surfaces. Such a bearing helps to eliminate excess stress and pressure on structures or equipment. The bearing is designed to replenish the oil supply regularly and as a result, no overheating or pad damage occurs.

Heavy duty rotational equipment benefits from the inclusion of tilting pad bearings and at Technoslide, we carry stock of the finest grade and quality. With a variety of sizes and load bearing capacities available, the tilting pad bearing has earned itself a great reputation for versatility, strength and durability. Made from the finest quality materials, our range at Technoslide is sure to impress.

At Technoslide, we can design, develop and manufacture tilting pad bearings according to your specifications. Our bearings offer flawless pad to journal alignment, high pivot stiffness values, which result in suppression of damping and vibration, reduced operation bearing temperatures and reduction of Babbit fatigue, which results in increased Babbit life. Each and every bearing that we manufacture undergoes strict quality testing to ensure that each of our items remain reliable, strong and don’t let you down.

Since we opened our doors for business in 1998, we have been focused on ensuring that our clients are provided with only the finest quality products at all times. While we are known for promptly supplying our customers with stock, we never rush the manufacturing process and we certainly don’t compromise on the quality of our workmanship. We supply our products to the whole of South Africa – regardless of where you are located in the country; we will ensure that your order is safely delivered to you. We always recommend that you discuss your particular application with our consultants first, to ensure that you are investing in the right bearing.

If you are looking for the best possible quote on tilting pad bearings, take the time to get in touch with us at Technoslide. We will ensure that you are provided with access to a range of top-quality products at competitive rates.