Bridge Bearing Design

Bridge Bearing Design and Manufacturing at Technoslide

Bridges typically consist of a superstructure and a substructure. The job of the bridge bearing is to effectively and safely transfer forces between the superstructure and substructure in such a way that translational and rotational movements of the superstructure are made possible.

Over the years, the civil industry has seen many types of bridge bearings used. These include the likes of pin bearings, roller bearings, rocker bearings and metal sliding bearings. Modern bridge bearing design results in a range of elastomeric and plain sliding bearings being seen in our concrete and steel structures.

As mentioned, a bridge bearing’s purpose is to support a certain amount of movement. Without a bearing in place, the stresses and forces on the structure would be considered dangerous, and the bridge or building could become damaged or suffer integrity. Cracking, breaking and general instability would be the result. What causes a bridge to move? There are a variety of things that can cause bridge movement, such as thermal expansion and contraction, creep and shrinkage, post tensioning strain, deflections of live loads and earth movement. In order for a bridge to be considered safe, secure and stable, the right bearings with the right bridge bearing design and capacity must be used in the structure.

Where can you find bridge bearings that offer durability? At Technoslide, we manufacture and supply a wide range of bridge bearings in the form of elastomeric and plain sliding bearings. These bearings are manufactured from the finest quality materials and are designed to carry the load. If it’s longevity and durability that you are looking for; our range of bearings at Technoslide is just what you need.

What does our bearing range have to offer in terms of structural bearings? Below are 3 types of bearings that can withstand fairly small movements and rotations:

  • BA Type Bearings
  • BAR Type Bearings
  • BR Type Bearings

Of course, we recommend that you chat to one of our sales consultants about your requirements before you decide on a bridge bearing for your particular application. Understanding the bearing that you are purchasing is important to ensuring a stable, safe and long-term end result for your application.

If you are looking for a company to assist you with unique bridge bearing design and manufacture, take the time to get in touch with us at Technoslide. We are available via email or telephone, and look forward to assisting you further.