Tilting Pad Thrust Bearings

Find Out More About Technoslide’s Tilting Pad Thrust Bearings

What is the real functionality and purpose of tilting pad thrust bearings? These particular bearings are quite unique and specialised in their design. They are designed to effectively transfer high axial loads from rotating shafts. They don’t just simply transfer loads however. They actually do so with minimum power loss, while ensuring that the installation and maintenance processes are kept simple.

Tilting pad thrust bearings are available in various diameters and capacities. In fact, they can support loads of anything from half a tonne to 500 tonnes. You can also get these bearings in bigger sizes and capacities, but these are custom designed according to special orders and the specifications provided by the client.

This bearing is named quite aptly as a result of its function and design. It consists of a series of pads which are supported in a carrier ring. A self-sustaining hydrodynamic film is created by each pad tilting independently. The carrier ring of a tilting pad thrust bearing can be in one piece or halves, and have various location arrangements.

At Technoslide, we can manufacture and supply any type of bearing required, according to your specifications. We also stock a range of ready-to-use bearings of various sizes and capacities. Our product range offers a whole variety of standard bearings, as well as white metal bearings and civil bearings.

Our head office is located in Johannesburg, but this does not limit us to only serving the Gauteng area. We are dedicated to providing our bearing design and manufacture services to entities throughout South Africa and have been doing so since as early as 1998. Our products are designed to serve a variety of industries and we currently supply the likes of marine, mining, petrochemical, iron and steel, automatic, civil and materials handling industries. Our products are always manufactured according to the highest possible ISO requirements and standards, and we guarantee that an investment in Technoslide tilting pad thrust bearings will be a sound and viable investment for your business and the application or project at hand.

At Technoslide, we are pioneers of technology and we look forward to providing you with a range of bearings that will benefit your particular applications. If you are shopping around for tilting pad thrust bearings and want the best rates and products on the market, you have come to just the right place. Take the time to contact us at Technoslide via email or telephone to discuss your needs and requirements today.