Tilting Pad Bearings

Uses and Benefits of Tilting Pad Bearings from Technoslide

The main purpose of a tilting pad bearing is to ensure that high axial loads are effectively transferred from a rotating shaft. These bearings are designed to ensure minimal power loss. They are easily installed and also easy to maintain. These bearings are designed to be compatible with shafts that range from 20mm to 1 000mm in diameter.

These bearings each have their own load capacity which for this particular range of bearings typical ranges from 0.5 tonnes to 500 tonnes. If you need a larger or heavier load handled by a tilt pad bearing, you will need to have your bearings custom designed and manufactured. Most suppliers consider these non-standard, but are still able to provide assistance with special orders.

Tilting pad bearings are made up of a series of pads that are supported by a carrier ring. Each of the included pads has the ability to tilt freely and as a result, they create a hydrodynamic film that is somewhat self-sustaining. Bearings will vary in design with some of them with a carrier ring in one piece and others with the carrier piece in halves.

Tilting pad bearings need lubrication and there are two main options for this. One of the first options is to flush the bearing housing with lubrication. The second option is to direct oil into the thrust face. This is the preferred lubrication method for applications that require high-speed operations. The oil in the thrust face will drain out of the bearing housing. You will most often encounter tilting pad bearings being used in rotating machinery, pumps, generators, turbines, industrial machinery and compressors.

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