The Feroform Bearing and How It Is Used

The market caters to various forms of feroform in South Africa and abroad. In order to make this type of product, composite materials need to be woven and then fibre resin bonded. The reason why the manufacturing of this product should only be trusted to reputable professionals working in the field is that the process is rather complicated and requires an expert eye and knowledge. A feroform bearing is required to work in situations or applications where friction is at high levels. This type of bearing is often found hard at work in vacuum pumps, insulators, compressors, marine applications and railways.

Why is this particular bearing so useful?

The materials used to make it ensure that it is not easily damaged by the presence of harsh chemicals. It is also vastly durable, strong and wears well over time. Its clever design allows for dimensional stability as well as the ability to work perfectly in high thermal conditions. To ensure that your bearings are able to handle the load you should choose which bearing to use according to the application that it will be used in and just how much pressure and friction is expected. In dry applications bearings that are F graded are used. In wet (and dry) applications bearings that are T or PR graded are suitable.

Stockists of the Feroform Bearing

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Each and every product to leave our manufacturing plant is tested to ensure that the SABS ISO 9001 quality guidelines have been adhered to and met. We believe in serving the community in terms of the government standards and regulations and as such are proud to be a level 3 B-BBEE contributor.

While we focus our attention on tending to the specific needs of each of our clients we encourage you to make contact with our sales consultants to learn more about the feroform bearing and how we manufacture it. Invest in a range of only the best bearings from Technoslide today.