Solutions for Industrial Bearings

Bearings are commonly used in machines and equipment to allow gears, wheels, and similar parts to rotate smoothly. They come in a wide variety of sizes and types for different applications. Industrial types are used in both civil and mechanical engineering. The rotating parts of lift bridges are an ideal example of how they play a role in civil engineering. When we look at the mechanical side, most machines and vehicles use bearings to allow rotating parts to revolve freely.

Turning our attention to the industrial sector, many industrial machines and stationary equipment rely on them to operate too. When there is any type of moving, sliding, or rotating motion in a machine, a bearing is required to accommodate the movement. The concept is simple, with its inner wall usually being anchored in place and its outer wall being attached to the part that needs to rotate. In other words, it is the interface between moving and stationary machines parts, facilitating the motion with the minimum of friction.

Technoslide offers solutions regarding industrial bearings. Since they are mechanical devices, they can wear and fail. When they fail, the consequences can be very damaging and expensive, especially on large machines. Therefore, they must be replaced before they fail. We offer our knowledge and expertise in terms of this type of maintenance. White-metal bearings are commonly used in turbines, electric motors, and large positive-displacement pumps. Our team can easily handle industrial sizes that range from 25 to 1800 mm in bore.

We can do the servicing, manufacturing, and repair of the white-metal versions. We understand that time is money when a machine is out of commission for such maintenance. Therefore, our breakdown services offer short turnaround times when a failure occurs. We can repair most bearings of up to 250 mm in bore within a day. If we have to manufacture a replacement, that process can usually be completed within three days. Each failure occurs because of a specific reason and we can do a full diagnostic test to identify the issue and address it with modifications to prevent the same failure from recurring. As you can see, we can be of service when it comes to maintaining and manufacturing white-metal bearings, as well as repairing them and diagnosing problems.

Technoslide is your one-stop solution for anything related to industrial bearings. For more information on how our solutions can help you, peruse our website. Have the peace of mind that we have you covered. Our turnaround times can be the difference that you need to give your business the edge.