Trust Vesconite for Long-Life, Low-Friction Bushings

Companies from across the economic sphere have turned to Vesconite over the past 60 years for their high-performance products that can replace many of the traditional bearing and bushing materials. Today, Vesconite continues to set the standards for excellence in the international bearings sector. There are many reasons for the popularity of Vesconite bearings and bushings.

For one, they offer a unique combination of low friction combined with high load-bearing strength. What is more, their bushings and bearings also exhibit exceptionally little friction and wear, so they deliver even more value throughout their extended lifespan. None of Vesconite’s products require manual lubrication, even when used in dirty and harsh operating environments. This is just one more reason why so many companies can trust their machinery when running them on Vesconite bearings.

Vesconite’s products are tried and tested to perform in the harshest of environments. Their products are used in thousands of applications spanning a vast range of industries. These range from marine and agriculture to the industrial industries and everything in between. Their incredible dimensional stability also offers further peace of mind and you will struggle to match this with any of the inferior alternatives currently available. A Vesconite bearing is able to maintain its performance under wet conditions, while also displaying negligible creep when used under high loads.

In Search of Vesconite Bearings? You Have Come to the Right Place

With a history dating back to 1998, we have been hard at work supplying South African industry with the best quality and most competitively priced bearings available on the market. Our valued clients demand only the best. Thanks to our favourable economies of scale, we are also able to guarantee some of the most competitive rates available on the market. This means you never have to pay more for your Vesconite bearings than necessary.

Our buyers also keep their fingers on the industry’s pulse and make sure that we have enough stock to meet our clients’ needs. Let us help you access the great-quality bushings and bearings you need to drive your business into the future and to take your operations to the next level. When working with us, there is simply no reason to accept anything other than the best.

Let our team design, manufacture, and repair your white-metal or structural bearings to your specifications. These are only a few of the many services we offer our clients. To learn more about us, contact our team today. We look forward to hearing from you.