Why Vesconite Self-Lubricating Bearings Lead the Way in Innovation

Vesconite has been a fixture in the bearings sector for more than six decades. Today, this internationally renowned and versatile replacement for traditional bearings continues to set the standard for excellence in the industry. It brings together a unique combination of low friction and high load-bearing strength, without the need for manual lubrication, even in harsh and dirty work environments.

Tried and tested across an extensive range of industries, and in many different applications, Vesconite excels in industrial, agricultural, and marine applications, among many others. It also offers impressive dimensional stability, unlike many of the synthetic alternatives available today. You can also look forward to Vesconite retaining its strength under wet and challenging conditions and it displays negligible creep under high load.

Key Features of Vesconite Bearings

These are only a few of the many reasons why Vesconite remains so popular among companies in so many industries. If you need some more convincing, just consider the key features of these industry-leading bearings and bushings:

• High wear resistance: These bearings offer incredible resistance to wear and tear, which results in an extended service life when compared to similar products. Unlike with conventional materials, Vesconite is also less affected by grimy conditions and poor lubrication;

• Internal lubrication: These products have built-in lubricants that translate into a longer lifespan and less friction, even where no lubrication is applied; and

• Low friction Vesconite also enjoys very low dynamic friction, allowing for a higher PV ratio.

Vesconite products also will not swell if they are exposed to humidity or water. These are but a few of the great features that speak directly to the popularity of these products in the marketplace

Turn to Technoslide for Vesconite Bearings in South Africa

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