What Makes Vesconite Bearings So Special?

There is a fuss about Vesconite bearings and it is for a reason. With a plethora of bearing types and designs available on the market already, you may wonder what benefits in particular Vesconite bearings offer and why they are unique amongst the other types of bearings currently available. In heavy-duty applications, bearing materials with a high load-bearing capacity, exceptional durability, low friction, and good dimensional stability are required. These are the very characteristics of Vesconite bearings, because they are manufactured from an advanced thermopolymer. You will often see these bearings used in the likes of long-haul, heavy-duty trailers, and similar applications.

The Importance of Bearings

Bearings are used in virtually all machines and equipment. They are even present in a large variety of our household appliances. They are machine parts that have been specifically engineered to enable machinery’s revolving parts to spin and slide silently and reliably for years. Bearings facilitate many types of motion, not just radial, depending on their design.

How Vesconite Bearings Compare to Other Bearings

Most traditional bearing materials like nylon and bronze have certain limitations. In fact, Vesconite’s thermopolymer bearings are considered to provide superior performance when compared to bearings made of most other materials like bronze and nylon. The load-bearing capacity of these bearings is noticeably higher than that of white-metal bearings and even in dirty environments and with no added lubrication, they have at least ten times more load-bearing capacity than bronze. If you are looking for a self-lubricating bearing, you might have considered nylon bearings too, but the problem with nylon is that it tends to swell when exposed to moisture. Vesconite bearings offer superior self-lubricating characteristics and outperform other self-lubricating bearings currently available on the market.

Temperature Limitations of Vesconite Bearings

Many people shopping for high-quality bearings have to consider the temperature ranges in which these bearings are expected to do their job. This is another area where Vesconite bearings excel. You will find that they can perform in dry applications continuously at temperatures of up to 100 °C. before their life expectancy is affected. For high-temperature use, keep in mind that a Vesconite bearing can perform very reliably if you reduce its operating load by 50% above 80 °C.

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