Plain Sliding Bearings

Understanding the Purpose of Plain Sliding Bearings

Plain sliding bearings fall under the civil bearings range and are commonly used in concrete and steel structures. Thermal expansion and contraction, shrinkage and creep, post tensioning strain, live load deflections and earth movement can all cause the build-up of dangerous stress and compromise the integrity and safety of concrete and steel structures. Plain sliding bearings are incorporated into the design and serve to ease this stress by allowing the structures to experience relative movement between structural members, without compromising on strength and sturdiness.
At Technoslide, we manufacture plain sliding bearings using advanced materials and modern manufacturing technologies, to ensure that their function can easily be carried out and relied on. Strength and durability is of the utmost importance with these bearings and we ensure that each unit undergoes extreme quality assurance checks before presenting them to the market.
The Technoslide catalogue caters to 3 types of plain sliding bearings as follows:

  • BA Type – these allow movement in one or two directions that only present low friction. These bearings are not suited in applications where significant rotating movement is required.
  • BAR Type – these bearings provide useful rotating movement, although limited, as well as unlimited sliding movement. These bearings are intended to be used in applications used in ambient temperature operations.
  • BR Type – these are rubber bearings that are laminated. The lamination numbers are limited to 6 and the amount of laminations a bearing has will determine its limits in terms of rotation and movement.

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At Technoslide, we welcome all interested parties to learn more about our range of plain sliding bearings. If you have any questions or concerns about our products or alternative products, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Contact us via email or telephone and a friendly and knowledgeable consultant will provide you with all of the information, advice and guidance that you need.