Bridge bearings are required to provide support to a bridge by providing restraint, while also providing the freedom for some displacement and rotation. The bearing is used to avoid unnecessary force on the structure. A structural designer is tasked with selecting the right type of bearing for the structure. As there are various types of bridge bearings available on the market, certain elements need to be considered before the correct bearing can be selected. These elements include the force that they must resist and the displacements that they must allow. Choosing the wrong bearing will result in costly and dangerous maintenance problems. At Technoslide, our professional sales consultants can assist you with choosing the right bearings for your structure.

Not all bridge bearings are made equal. They are purpose-designed for their application. For instance, a bearing required for a footbridge will not be suitable for a vehicle bridge. Bridge bearings are all accompanied by a set of handling or load-bearing specifications. This load rating is typically based on how the bearing performs at varying temperatures, shrinkage of concrete, dead loads, settling of supports, and accidental actions (such as in the case of a car accident).

The market offers a variety of bridge bearings, like:

  • Elastomeric bearings – these bridge bearings are usually used for short bridge spans with light loads and it is important to note that they allow limited rotation.
  • Pot bearings – these bearings are very durable and used in most steel bridges.
  • Line rocker bearings – these bridge bearings are fixed bearings and offer no lateral rotation, only large longitudinal rotations. They are commonly used for rail bridges.
  • Spherical bearings – these bearings offer large rotational movement and are the most common type of bearing used for large steel bridges.

When it comes to purchasing bridge bearings, quality must be a given. We stock a range of bearings from leading suppliers. We also manufacture our own range of custom bearings based on the needs and requirements of the customer.

Technoslide, founded in 1998, has extensive experience in the industry and we are considered pioneers of the technology used in our industry. Our head office is located in Johannesburg and our customers span various markets, including the marine, mining, petrochemical, iron, steel, automotive, civil, and materials handling industries.

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