Turbine Bearings

The Various Types of Turbine Bearings

When shopping around, you will find that there are various types of turbine bearings on the market and that the type you choose will depend on the application that it is being used in. This range of bearings offers variations, such as wind turbine bearings, steam turbine bearings, gas turbine bearings and more.

Below are a few descriptions of these types of bearings:

  • Wind turbine bearings – these bearings are typically quite large and built to carry the load. Bore diameters of these bearings can even be up to as much as 2m in some wind turbines. A stable supply of these large bearings is not easily come by even though wind turbines are a growing industry in many countries.
  • Steam turbine bearings – steam turbines are heat engines that use pressurised steam to create thermal energy that is then used to mechanical work. Steam turbine bearings are those that can effectively handle a thrust load and need to be made specifically for the function and application it will be used in.
  • Gas turbine bearings – in gas turbines thrust bearings and journal bearings form an important part of the design and functionality. These are typically used in jet engines, turboprop engines and similar.

Of course, these are not the only turbine bearings to be found useful on the market. There are a variety of others that effectively make up a large portion of our catalogue at Technoslide. We manufacture these and other types of bearings which are ideal for the marine, mining, civil, materials handling, iron and steel, automotive and petrochemical industries.

Technoslide has been offering the market access to professionally designed and superior quality bearings since as early as 1998. Our team is one that is skilled and focused on precision work, which is something of great importance in this particular field. Our motto “we design the future” is something that spurs us to constantly be working towards improving on our existing product catalogue and ensuring that our products develop and change with the times and new demands.

At Technoslide, we welcome you to take the time to contact us via email or telephone at your earliest convenience. One of our friendly consultants will take the time to discuss your needs with you and present you with a range of turbine bearings that are well suited to your specific requirements. Contact us today and have the peace of mind that you are investing in top quality products that simply won’t let you down.