Sleeve Bearings

For the Best Range of Sleeve Bearings, try Technoslide!

If you need new bearings, or want to have bearings refurbished or customised to the specific needs of your business, your first port of call should be Technoslide.  We have worked long and hard to be recognised as industry leaders and we can produce and manufacture just about any bearing that you need, including sleeve bearings. 

We also give you the flexibility to choose your type and amount of bearings, as we are able to manufacture bearings in different sized batches from a wide range of high-quality materials.  We are the champions when it comes to the customisation of specifically made bearings for an extensive range of applications.  In addition to this, we also have a highly specialised emergency task force on standby to perform repairs and refurbishments where required during emergencies.  This team has the expertise to repair just about any type of bearing within 24 hours, which means that you can minimise downtime in your manufacturing operation or production line, and prevent any of your other machinery from getting damaged by broken or faulty bearings.

We have an extensive range of products, and we can manufacture pot bearings, sleeve bearings, sliding bearings and elastomeric bearings.  Our bearings are used in many applications in a diverse range of industries, and we regularly supply these to clients who manage automotive operations, manufacturing plants, construction businesses, materials handling businesses, mining operations, energy plants, marine technology and many others.  We also provide and manufacture bi-metallic components, filament wound products, plastic compound components, bronze wrapped components, polymer components and products that are sintered.  In addition to this, we also specialise in the manufacture, supply and repair of all types of bearings.

At Technoslide, we like to stay ahead of the curve by ensuring that we remain informed about new technologies, we find innovative ways of creating new and customised products for our clients, including sleeve bearings.  Our thirty-five years of experience, our friendly teams and our reliable products ensure that we are the provider of choice of a diverse range of clients all over the country.

If you need any advice about types of bearings to use for your operation, you are welcome to give our team a call.  Alternatively, we recommend that you fill in our contact form online and we will contact you at your earliest convenience.  We are able to provide you with expertise, good advice, reliable and long-lasting products and great service.  We look forward to being your provider of choice!